[News] Woman, dog attacked by wild raccoon in scary viral video

An Orlando woman has a good reason to be wary of wildlife after a raccoon chased her and her Yorkie into her house.

Nykeria Clark, from Orlando was walking her dog, Jojo, when the feisty raccoon attacked as they returned home.

In security camera footage posted to TikTok, which has been viewed over 10.5 million times, the woman and her small pup are seen walking up to the front door. As they approached the door to go inside, the raccoon lunged toward the dog and chased them.

“I was basically in like a panic mode, so at that point, I tried to find whatever I could find,” Clark told 7 News Miami.

“I got a mop, and I tried to scare it off with a mop, and then once I scared it off with a mop, it hid in the blinds.”

The raccoon chased Nykeria Clark and her dog, Jojo, into the house.
After an hour of the raccoon being inside Clark's house, animal services rescued it.
After an hour of the raccoon being inside Clark’s house, animal services rescued it.

Clark said she called animal services, which then took an hour to get to her home. When they arrived, the raccoon was perched on top of the window shutter.

Clark added she took her dog to the vet the same day to get a rabies shot.

“Health services called and informed me that the Lab results from the raccoon came back negative,” Clark updated worried followers in a comment.

“My dog [has been] released from quarantine.”

TikTok users were horrified by the woman’s raccoon encounter, shocked by its bold assumption it was invited inside.

“Man the way the door would have shut behind me instantly,” one woman wrote.

“That’s traumatizing for real!” another user wrote. “Smh I pray that you’re both going to be ok!”

Others praised the pup for protecting Clark from the raccoon.

“Your baby was tryna protect you too!” one TikTok user exclaimed. “He deserves all the kisses and loves…. raccoons are ruthless.”

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