[News] ‘The Wonder’ Ending Explained: Florence Pugh’s Netflix Movie Cuts To Modern Day

The Wonder, which is now streaming on Netflix, is a harrowing new historical drama.

Based on the novel of the same name by Emma Donoghue, who also adapted the screenplay, The Wonder stars Oscar-nominated actor Florence Pugh as a nurse who is, essentially, asked to watch a child starve to death.

The plot of the book and movie is based on the real-life phenomenon of “fasting girls,” who were young girls in the Victorian era who claimed to be able to go impossibly long periods of time without needing food. Though inspired by a true story, the plot itself is fictional, and you need to pay attention to understand what’s going on.

But if you let your mind wander while you watched The Wonder, no worries. Decider has got you covered. Read on for The Wonder plot summary and The Wonder ending explained.

What is The Wonder plot summary?

An English nurse named Lib Wright (played by Florence Pugh) is sent to a rural village in 1862 Ireland for a very unusual nursing job. She’s been asked by the Catholic Church to “watch” a young girl, Anna O’Donnell (Kíla Lord Cassidy), who claims to have not eaten in four months, since the day she turned 11. The Catholic Church, looking for a bonafide miracle, wants Lib to observe Anna to determine whether or not she’s telling the truth. Lib will be aided by a nun, and both watchers are under strict instruction to do nothing but watch. They will give Anna food if she asks, but not offer it.

Lib is certain that Anna is somehow faking this miracle, even though the local doctor has convinced himself he may be on the brink of the next great scientific discovery. Liv searches Anna’s room but fails to find any hidden food. She deduces that her family must be sneaking Anna food somehow. At the same time, Lib, who is grieving the loss of her family, is relying on some form of drug to ease her suffering, which she takes in secret.

For the sake of the watch, Lib bans anyone besides herself and the other watcher from visiting or touching Anna. Anna’s mother protests that a mother’s kiss is vital, but Lib insists. After Lib insists on the new rule, Anna’s health begins to quickly deteriorate. Lib has been getting friendly with a journalist named William (Tom Burke), who has been hoping to write a story about Anna. William advises Lib that Anna will die if she doesn’t eat, so Lib begs both Anna and Anna’s mother to call off the charade. But both Anna and her mother insist she has been chosen by God, and that she lives on only “manna from Heaven.” At one point, Lib attempts to force-feed Anna but stops when she sees how much it upsets the girl.

After an incident in which Anna collapses, Lib confronts her and tells her she’s figured out the truth: Anna’s mother had been giving her food by spitting chewed-up substance from her mouth to Anna’s, like a baby bird. That’s why the mother insisted that a mother’s kiss was so important. Anna finally reveals the reason she refuses to eat—she believes that her late brother’s soul will be released from Hell if she fasts and sacrifices herself. And she knows her brother is in Hell because she confesses that he raped her when she was 9. Anna says he called it “double love,” because they were brother and sister, and in a romantic relationship. Anna says she loved her brother back.

Anna’s mother blames her daughter for the incest and believes her son died from sickness as punishment for their sinful relationship. Anna’s mother now believes Anna must be sacrificed to save her late son’s soul.

What is The Wonder ending explained?

Lib realizes that Anna’s family intends to let her die. She comes up with a plan to save her, by kidnapping the girl while the rest of the family is attending Mass. Lib convinces Anna to come with her by letting “Anna” die, and being reborn as “Nan,” which is Lib’s nickname for the girl.

Lib hides Anna at a nearby stream. She returns to a house and lights a fire, which includes purposefully burning the drugs she has come to depend on. Then she tells the priests at the Catholic Church that Anna died, and that she accidentally knocked over the oil lamp and caused a fire while trying to revive her. A nun later tells Lib that she saw “an angel” carrying Anna away, indicating that she knows Lib’s secret, and will keep it.


In the movie’s final scene, Anna is alive and well, traveling with Lib and that journalist. She has assumed her new identity as Nan, and she is shown eating. Then the film cuts to actor Niamh Algar, who played Kitty, standing on a modern-day movie set. (Which is also how the movie ends.) Algar says, “In. Out. In. Out.” and the audience is invited to reflect on the miracle of being alive—of simply breathing—something we should not take for granted.

And with that, the movie ends. Who’s hungry?

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