[News] ‘Stranger Things’ drops ominous final trailer for Season 4 end

The “Stranger Things” gang is running up that hill.

Netflix has dropped the trailer for the back half of “Stranger Things” Season 4, which will wrap up the show’s penultimate season with two supersized episodes (one of them is an hour and 25 minutes, while the finale is two hours and 30 minutes). 

The first part of Season 4 of the ’80s sci-fi horror hit ended with everyone separated: Steve and Nancy are still in the Upside Down, while the villain Vecna revealed his backstory to both Nancy and Eleven. Eleven is still in the lab with Papa. Will and Mike are still on a weird road trip. Jonathan is still irrelevant. Dustin, Lucas and Max are holding down the force in Hawkins and trying to stop the town from using nerdy Eddie as a scapegoat for Vecna’s murderous actions. Meanwhile, Joyce and Hopper are finally reunited, but still in Russia with no obvious way of traveling back. 

In the trailer, which plays the Kate Bush song “Running Up That Hill,” which topped charts thanks to the show, the sinister Papa is shown telling Eleven, “Your friends are not prepared for this fight. Hawkins will fall.” Meanwhile, Steve, Eddie, and Nancy are shown looking determined, gearing up for a fight, while Robin says, “it might not work out for us this time.” Eddie seems to be arming himself with a guitar, for some reason (maybe to use music to snap people out of the deadly trances that Vecna puts them in). 

Vecna’s voice can be heard saying, “Your friends have lost.”

Everything looks very sinister. Obviously, everyone can’t all die since there’s still a Season 5 coming. But, the show does have a history of killing off characters at the end of a season – see Bob and Billy, from past seasons. So, the clock is probably ticking on somebody. 

“Stranger Things” Season 4 volume 2 drops on July 1. 

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