[News] Ricky Stuart Jaeman Salmon weak gutted dog sledge dates back to 2010

The incident which triggered one of the most personal attacks ever seen at a rugby league press conference occurred at a junior league game in the Shire more than a decade ago.

Canberra coach Ricky Stuart launched a savage takedown of Penrith stand-in five-eighth Jaeman Salmon on Saturday night, referring to the 23-year-old as a “weak-gutted dog” following an on-field incident which saw Tom Starling kicked in the genitals while making a tackle.

The Panthers are now exploring their legal options on behalf of Salmon, who was left rattled by Stuart’s tirade. Stuart is also facing sanction from the NRL for his comments, including the option of a potential suspension as well as a fine.

Sources with knowledge of the history between Stuart and the Panthers No.6 told the Herald that the coach’s fury dates back to an incident between his son and Salmon during a junior league game in 2010.

Sources said Stuart’s son was in tears after an incident with Salmon, who was his teammate in the under 12’s at the time.

Stuart then approached Salmon, whose father took exception to the comments and actions from the then Cronulla coach. The pair had to be separated as things became heated.

Jaeman Salmon scored the final try in Penrith’s win over Canberra.

Jaeman Salmon scored the final try in Penrith’s win over Canberra.Credit:Getty

Stuart refused to back down or apologise for his comments when contacted by Sun Herald columnist Danny Weidler on Saturday night.

“I have had history with that kid (Salmon). I know that kid very well,” Stuart said in the post-match press conference.

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