[News] Mascot bull nearly tramples child at College World Series

A good-natured race between children and mascots held in between innings of the NCAA Men’s College World Series quickly derailed into a scene more closely resembling the running of the bulls.

During the late innings of Monday’s game between Ole Miss and Arkansas at Charles Schwab Field, a collection of mascots from the local Omaha, Nebraska, area took the field to race against several young fans. The competitors were to start on the warning track near center field and finish in front of the right-field foul pole.

Once the gun sounded, a cluster of children got out to a commanding lead as several mascots followed a few paces behind. Durango, the red bull mascot of the University of Nebraska Omaha’s Mavericks, apparently had other plans, however.

The two collided at full speed, with the impact of the crash sending the child flailing to the ground as Durango barely broke his stride.

Starting from the rear of the group, Durango broke into full-stride several seconds into the race, catching up to the children with ease. In an attempt to slow the barreling mascot, one child appeared to step in front of Durango, resulting in a collision that sent the young fan flailing to the ground. Moments later, the Creighton Bluejay hurdled the child as they remained on the warning track.

Though staffers quickly rushed to the child’s aid, the young fan was able to get up under their own power and finish the race like a champ.

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