[News] Jimmy Kimmel Thinks He’s Finally Figured Out What’s Wrong With Mike Pence

The former vice president had an awkward night at a CNN town hall event ― including cases where he got the names of the questioners wrong.

“I think we just found the new spokesperson for Prevagen,” Kimmel said, referring to the supplement that’s supposed to help with memory. “Maybe the reason he calls his wife ‘mother’ is because he can’t remember her name!”

After playing another awkward clip, Kimmel reached a conclusion about Pence.

“I think he might be a robot,” Kimmel said. “I think someone built Donald Trump a robot vice president ― and on the morning of January 6, he lost the remote control.”

In another clip, Pence said he’s “as human as the next guy.”

“Yup, definitely a robot,” Kimmel said.

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