[News] Daniel Andrews secures big win for Labor, count continues in key seats

Federal Nationals Leader David Littleproud says the state opposition needs to do some “soul-searching”, but ultimately Australians are sick of the “vitriol” that’s permeated politics.

He told Weekend Today that Nationals’ success in electorates like Shepparton, Morwell and Mildura was testament to the candidates being “articulate and smart about their community”.

Nationals Leader David Littleproud.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

“There’s big lessons political parties need to learn: it is about connection to community, making sure you have diversity of background in your candidates. The man we brought in Morwell is a plumber,” he said.


“If we sit here and say there aren’t any lessons, I think that would be a mistake… you ignore it at your own peril, but you have to stand for something and you have to have commonsense [policies].”

Littleproud said Matthew Guy and the Liberals would have to do some “soul-searching” in the wake of the loss.

“Australians are jack of the anger and the vitriol. They want outcomes. They don’t care who delivers it, just want people who listen to them and be constructive,” he said.

“Congratulations to Dan Andrews, credit where credit is due. He was able to articulate a message.”

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