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How Much is Copic Marker Price?

Are you into drawing and currently in need of a color marker that's remarkable in its quality?

If so, you will not be disappointed with the Copic marker. This well-known alcohol marker is widely known as one of the best markers—and drawing enthusiasts that use color markers as their main ‘weapon’ to make their drawing come to life will never refuse this product if you gift this to them.

Wondering about its price?

Have no worries since this article will tell you about Copic marker price, and some features that make the product wanted by many.

1. Features 

To satiate your curiosity about this marker, take a look at the marker’s features below:


Copic marker is designed, developed, and manufactured in Japan. The history of this marker goes back to the 1980s when Izumiya, the manufacturer, first developed a graphic marker that helped designers to work better with newly-printed photocopies. As time advanced, the marker marked its way to make a debut in figurative illustration and architecture stuff. Not to mention, the manga industries began to use their products as well.


You can rely on Copic markers for various use, be it to make some crafts, drawing illustrations, working with architecture blueprint, or making some caricature. 


In one set, the biggest number of markers you can have is 72. Packaged in a clear plastic case, you should not worry about it being leaked—the markers are kept secure in the box. 

People’s reviews mentioned that the brand has been remarkable in its ink. Not only the color is permanent, consistent, and vibrant, the blending can be done smoothly. No odors were observed upon use since the markers are not using any harmful chemicals, as reported by the manufacturer itself. 


What’s more from this brand? Many reviews mentioned that the brand has durable ink. The marker itself is refillable and even if you break the nibs, you can still have it replaced with a new one. Hence, that’s not surprising when people mentioned that Copic markers are worth the investment.

2. Price

Now let’s talk about the price. For all the qualities offered, what is the price the manufacturer quotes?

If you search it in the online marketplace, you will find that the price of this marker is expensive. For the set of 72 markers, you will need to pay around $500.00. But if you managed to get the discounted price, prepare around $400.00 to make the set yours.

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What about the other set?

Well, it depends on which store you are going to. To give you an insight, prepare around $6.00 as it is the commonly found Copic marker price.

It’s indeed five times more expensive than another brand, but the remarkable features will leave you in awe.

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