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Deli Marker Review: With Its Cheap Price, Is It Worth Buying?

If you love to draw, you must have this intention to complete your ‘weapon’ to draw: markers, for example. Now that you try to purchase it online, your jaw drops as you read the price. Well, it doesn’t always need to be pricey, though.

You can rely on Deli, a marker brand which is much cheaper than a brand considered as the ‘best. With only less than $20, you can have a set consisting of 48 markers.

It sounds so promising, right? To give you insight into its features, let’s learn about the Deli marker review as explained below.

1. Features

Let’s start ‘peeling’ this marker by learning about the marker’s features. 


Deli markers may not be as prominent as those markers requiring hundreds of dollars to purchase. But still, the manufacturer is not a new potato in the industry. Deli is a Chinese brand, with its headquarter located in Ningbo. Aside from producing markers, Deli produces office and school supplies, calculators, and even a wireless barcode scanner.


Just like other brands, Deli markers can be used for various uses. Be it drawing a caricature, an illustration, doodling, to even creating a blueprint.


Typically, you will find a set of Deli markers coming with 30, 48, 60, and 80 markers. The 48 and 60-marker sets are the most common sets to find in the market. Each marker comes with a distinct color and is double-tipped.

People’s review

According to people’s opinion, Deli—despite being a brand with cheap price to offer, has offered a quality product. It indeed cannot be compared with the top-notch markers, but the quality cannot be ignored. 

What’s spectacular about this brand is that it offers a cheap price. As mentioned before, you’ll only need to spend less than $20 for a set consisting of 48 markers. For a 60-marker set, guess what, you only need to add $4-$5! 

You may think that its colors aren’t vibrant and can easily be smudged like a low-quality product. But that doesn’t happen in Deli’s markers as it is set to be splash-proof. Long-lasting is another trait to explain how the color of Deli markers turns out. It also blends nicely when you try to combine two or more colors.

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It is said that the cheap price may trick them to neglect the product. However, after reading people’s Deli marker reviews, many people are enticed to get the product.

But still, as you may know, all products have their setbacks. Deli markers are not refillable like more notable markers.

Plus, its nibs aren’t replaceable, so you need to repurchase a whole package of the marker if yours are broken or out of ink.

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