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How to Get Your First Dollars from Drawing Commission Website ?

You may start to wonder why there are people willing to switch from their regular, nine-to-five jobs to irregular freelance jobs that make them prone to being broke.

Well, there’s a lot that freelancing can offer. These days, freelancing jobs got people interested due to the freedom it offers, despite the fewer bucks it may come as a result.

One of those freelancing jobs available is an illustrator. For this job, you may not get a regular salary as in regular office jobs. Instead, you will get paid from the drawing commission website for your service.

So, how to start making your first bucks withdrawing? You can start it by doing the steps below.

1. First, make sure your skill is compatible with the public’s taste.

You may think that your drawing skill is stellar. Your mom may also think so. But what do people say about your drawing?

That said, confidence does not pay you bucks if your drawing portfolio is bad.

Despite getting yourself down because of the public’s disdain towards your drawings, it’s better to develop your skill first before getting into the next step.

2. Build your portfolio

If you think your skill can already befit the market’s demand, you may start building your portfolio.

Your portfolio can be made as one document, or you may post it online.

That will be great if you build a special website for your portfolio since that may ease people to access your portfolio.

3. Find channels

When starting your freelance job, you may not get it easy at first. The first thing to do is to get people’s recognition.

Therefore, start offering your service through various channels. Social media is a great place to start getting people’s recognition.

You may also upload your offering through several other platforms, such as freelance marketplaces and drawing commission websites.

4. Keep developing yourself

It is true that you have your own style, but developing yourself is not something that you can stop after you got your first customers.

Plus, developing yourself is not bound to your drawing skills only – it can be the way of marketing your works, communicating with your clients, or purchasing a new gadget to support your job.

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So, that's how to start to get money from the drawing commission website. To start your freelance job, it is important to know that perseverance is a must.

Plus, know that a freelance job may need you to work late nights, and even on the weekend if you got a lot of orders. Be mentally ready, and make sure it doesn’t make you overwhelmed.

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