July 05, 2021

How to Get Drawing Commission Anime?

Creative workers don’t have any units to measure their income—as in monthly salary. They are paid with the commission, which means they are paid for a whole package of one-time service, for example illustrating, transcribing, writing an article, etc.

This article will show you about drawing commission anime – one of the popular illustrating jobs that emphasize its drawing characteristic to be Japanese manga-like.

Is it a worthy job to pursue, and will it be possible to get a big sum of money from this job?

In order to succeed in your job as an anime-based illustrator, you can start it this way:

1. Build your portfolio

Before getting your first gig and commission, you should make time to build your portfolio. Of course, it is not one or two-day work, and you may start having your portfolio by giving out illustrating services for free.

Make sure to compile your works and take people’s recognition as something that you are trying to achieve at this stage.

2. Find channels

Find places that you can use to ‘advertise’ your service. It is advised that you offering your service not only in one place, since it may lead you to only a few people to see your offering.

If that happens, you may get little order and this will lead you to low income as well.

If possible, advertise your service through several platforms. To begin, you may start putting your portfolio on your social media.

Together with that, you may start putting your offering on freelance marketplaces. These days, there are lots of such marketplaces which will help you in making bucks per project you finished.

Keep in mind you will have to pay to advertise your service on those websites. However, don’t worry since it will not take the majority of your commission.

3. Keep on researching 

Research is one important aspect to do to boost the quality of your content. 

Not only research helps you to understand what’s currently on-trend, but you can also find how to tailor the genre you’re comfortable in to be more acceptable in public’s ‘taste buds.

4. Don’t be afraid to try something new

If you can build a story wittily, you should consider making webtoons.

It takes a lot of your time but the result can be pretty rewarding—not only dollars you can make, but also recognition from others.

However, since these days there are a lot of webtoon authors already, you will have to be brave while competing.

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Well, those are some things to know before starting your career and getting drawing commission anime. 

Whatever other people are talking about, freelancing may not give you a quick pile of money.

It takes perseverance, the willingness to always develop yourself, and also a brave mind to start it.

Moreover, it’s not only about drawing and getting the drawing commission anime; there are lots of aspects you should know more about.

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