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5 Best Wacom Tablet for Drawing (Tight-Budget Tabs Available)

Drawing is an activity that brings a lot of fun. These days, people don’t only draw classic ways which use paper and pencil to start with. Digital drawing has become more and more popular in art enthusiast groups, and they don’t use papers for whatever reasons they may have.

As a replacement for paper, they have tablets. You may be craving for this as well, and after some time of research, you stumbled upon a broad collection of Wacom tablets.

Wondering what is the best Wacom tablet for drawing? 

1. Wacom Intuos

If you are digging in for something basic as you realize you are a novice in digital drawing, this type of Wacom can be one of your best Wacom tablets for drawing.

The reason? Budget-friendly price (relative to other kinds of Wacom tablets) and portability (due to its size and lightweight dimensions) line up as two of its pros.

2. Wacom Cintiq 13HD

Feeling like the previously mentioned Intuos isn’t something you can look up to?

Try getting Wacom Cintiq. With this tablet, drawing directly on the tablet screen is not something you only dream of.

You should not worry about ripping your pocket badly since this tablet is suitable enough for starting newbies. However, if you are using your arm a lot, probably this one is a bit too small.

3. Wacom Cintiq 22HD touch

It is a bigger version of the one in point #2. With its 21.5-inch screen, the tablet is not only perfect for photographers, but also for other graphics-related jobs like motion graphics, design graphics, illustration, and even animation-making. 

Aside from its widescreen feature, the reason why this tab got nominated in this best Wacom tablet for drawing list is its comfy stylus; multi-touch gestures, and up to 40o tilts sensitivity features.

Not to forget, reclining and rotating the tab is possible to do. Therefore, finding the most natural position and setting the viewing angles can be done easier than ever.

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4. Wacom Intuos Pro

With a customizable active area, you can avoid touch issues with this tab. Plus, its wireless feature makes it possible to place the tab on your lap, or somewhere without even requiring to attach the tab through a wire. 

Doodling and making sketches with it will not be a hassle given that the tab has high-pressure sensitivity as well (8192 levels).

5. Wacom One

Newly released doesn’t make this type of Wacom excluded from the list of best Wacom tablets for drawing. 

This portable and high display tablet are cheap enough at around $400 for a 13-inch tablet. Who would dare to complain about the relatively cheap price? 

So, those are five ‘nominees’ for the best Wacom tablet for drawing list. Which one do you think will be your soon-to-be drawing gear?

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