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How Much Do Portrait Drawings Cost of Amateur, Experienced, and Professional Artists

So, you’ve finally chosen to get a portrait by doing a commission to an artist.

However, it is your first time doing so, and you might have several questions you need answers to – especially the most important one, “how much do portrait drawings cost?” and other inquiries.

To know about the answer, read further about the price of portrait drawings below.

How Much Do Portrait Drawings Cost? Here Are The Answers

Getting an exact answer to how much do portrait drawings cost, in general, is tough because it largely varies between one artist and another. It might depend on the size, subject, location, and artist experience.

Still, it is possible to draw rough estimations. The most determining factor of the answer is whether you get the portrait drawings from an amateur, experienced, or an established and famous artist. The list below offers you an estimated guide for each type of artist:

1. Amateur artists: $20-$200

By commissioning to amateur artists, you are usually charged anywhere from $20-$200. In this price range, they usually asked for a photo or two and reproduce it as allowed by their level of skill.

Typically, you will receive a small-sized portrait without a frame, upon paper, canvas, or canvas board in low-quality grade. The medium tends to be acrylics, charcoal, or pencil.

2. Experienced artists: $200-$1000

Art commission to experienced artists (art students or more known artists with more experience under their belt) might get you charged somewhere at $200-$1000. You’d be asked for a photo too, to create an as close copy as possible. 

Usually, you will receive small to medium-sized portrait without a frame, upon paper, canvas, or canvas board in good quality grade. The medium tends to be acrylics, charcoal, pencil, pastel, ink, or oil.

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3. Professional artists: $500-$1000 and up

Commissioning professional artists with established career (who has renowned signature style), will cost your about $1000-$5000 or even more if they are someone famous.

Rather than portrait drawings, the result will look closer to portrait paintings. At this point, it is not rare for the art to be produced by sitting down and be painted in front of the said artist.

The art size and frame are normally negotiated first. Professional artists tend to use mixed media, oils, or acrylics as a medium.

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Now you have a general idea of how much do portrait drawings cost.

You may start to approach an artist of your choice.

Remember to discuss and create agreements over any aspects of your desired portrait drawings properly with the artist.

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