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Top 5 Best Kneaded Eraser for Charcoal Pencil Reviews

Creating exquisite artworks with a pencil takes a toll on time and hectic effort.

Aside from the whole process of creating the art itself, every artist has to fine-tune every stroke with a high-quality eraser.

Discussing eraser, you must hate an eraser that is unable to cleanly erase shades and strokes, and that is where kneaded eraser is needed.

There many types of erasers that are widely sold on the market and the following are the top 5 best-kneaded erasers for the charcoal pencil.

Top 5 Best Kneaded Erasers for Charcoal Pencil for Drawing Artists

1. Prismacolor 

The winner of the list is kneaded rubber eraser from Prismacolor since a lot of artists have been using this product at least once. For drawing artists, the cleaning process is one taxing task. But by using Prismacolor kneaded rubber, the cleaning process turns to be fun. Talking about the cleaning quality, this elastic eraser can clean any small spots, dark spots, and even long deep strokes easily.

2. Faber Castell 

Not only for artists but for those who work as architects or planners, Faber Castell kneaded eraser is like a magic tool. Unlike many other brands in the market, all you need to is put the eraser on the point, and press it lightly to erase any spots or strokes. This flexibility of the eraser is also cannot be doubted, meaning you can twist, bend, pinch, and do such actions to change it into any shape.

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3. Vanish

Vanish is one of the brands that should be included in this top 5 best-kneaded eraser for charcoal pencils because it can be the best companion for every drawing artist. Unlike the two previous products that can clean every spot, stroke, and shade, this Vanish kneaded eraser has one big strong point that won't leave any eraser crumb. This will also prevent you from damaging your artwork.

4. Bellofy

Bellofy kneaded eraser is one of the best drawing tools in the market that able to erase smaller areas without damaging the other parts of the artwork. Another best part of this eraser is its capability to provide an excellent final result. With this eraser, you can have control over which exactly area of the artwork you want to erase.

5. Generals

Kneaded erasers are chemically manufactured products, and it can be quite harmful to health. Kneaded erasers from Generals can be the answer for those who want to avoid any eraser with chemical substances. When it comes to removing highlights, Generals kneaded erasers are among the best picks in the market. Apart from that, the elasticity of this eraser is another point that makes this product become a suitable companion for drawing artists.

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Those are the top 5 best-kneaded eraser for charcoal pencils which can be used as a preference in buying a perfect companion for your drawing process.

Although there are still many other kneaded eraser brands that

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