August 03, 2020

Mont Marte Blending Stumps and Tortillon Review for the Functions and Quality

Blending stumps and blending tortillons are useful in plenty of times.

Blending stumps, for example, can help to smooth the surface and texture on the paper.

It can even mimic the particular texture of a smooth skin surface if you’re doing a human figure drawing.

Due to their multipurpose functions, it is easy to find different products from various brands.

Meanwhile, a tortillon is an efficient tool to use for blending and smudging marks made by a pencil, charcoal, or other drawing utensils with sharper end compared to stumps.

Read about the Mont Marte Blending Stumps and Tortillon review in the following, as one of the quite famous products available in the market.

Comprehensive Mont Marte Blending Stumps and Tortillon Review

Mont Marte has come with seven pieces of paper stumps set.

It contains the various size of well-processed blending stumps and tortillons through excellent selection, as the ideal drawing tool and provides artistic experience for artists in different skill levels.

These paper stumps are produced to be a high-quality tool to bring life-like dimension and realism to your artwork.

They offer a great and wide surface to create tone transitions in huge areas.

Here is the list of highlighted Mont Marte Blending Stumps and Tortillon review.

1. Outstanding tools for drawing

The paper stumps set from Mont Marte is comprised of four blending stumps and three tortillons. They can be used on an array of artworks, with the perfect suit to blend sketches and drawings made from charcoal, pencil, graphite, pastel, and crayons.

2. Excellent features

The blending stumps are manufactured from high-quality rolled paper. They have double tips, which can be sharpened after heavy use. The tortillons are built from loosely twisted paper, which smaller than the stumps and has a single tip.

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3. Stunning results and effects

This set from Mont Marte can accomplish different interesting and stunning effects when you use them to blend drawings. Artworks made from charcoal, pastel chalk, and graphite can be blurred well in particular, to produce certain color and tone gradations easily.

4. Extensively wide possibilities

The stump tools are suitable to use for creating blurring, transitions, and shadows on larger sections. For more detailed works, use thinner and smaller tortillons, as they ideal for shading in narrower sections and slight level of blending.

5. Highly user friendly

All utensils in this Mont Marte blending are simple and comfortable to hold. It provides you with optimum control to achieve a refined result. No matter what level skills you are right now, from beginners, hobbyists, or professionals, they are going to fit you just fine.

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Indeed, blending tools are better suited with certain media of drawing, but it can be used with just any available medium.

They are not limited only to graphite, soft pastel, or charcoal because some artists also utilize them for other types of media like colored pencils or Conte.

The specifically manufactured ones, such as the revealed Mont Marte Blending Stumps and Tortillon review above, can perform better than rolled strips of paper.

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