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Top 5 Best Pencil Artists in the World and Their Expertise

There are not enough words to explain how the world of art always amazes us. It is because there is no limitation in this world of imagination.

Talent is indeed essential to be a professional artist, but it is not the only thing needed. Aside from talent, there are a lot of drawing techniques and skills that must be learned.

Every professional artist takes a considerable amount of time and hard work to be one.

Besides, the most challenging part is trying to convince others that their drawing is not a photograph, but a realistic pencil drawing that makes the audience think what they see is a real object.

It should be known that not everyone can do this.

To know more about this astonishing world, take a look at the following masterpieces by the top 5 best pencil artists in the world.

Masterpieces by Top 5 Best Pencil Artist in the World

1. Diego Fazio

Diego Fazio, or mostly known as DiegoKoi on social media, is a self-taught artist who is an expert in comprehending the dynamics of light and shade and changing them into a super detailed pencil drawing. Aside from that, he also a master in drawing wet faces and faces that are reflected through glass. Diego Fazio has won several awards for his works, which have been displayed throughout the world.

2. Adonna Khare

Adonna Khare is an American contemporary artist who has won ArtPrize Competition in 2012. Her ability to combine the depiction of animals and image-based storytelling makes her arts have always been collected by reputable public and private collections around the globe.

She attempts to create art that is relevant to our surroundings, but in the process, she often asks her audience to see her messages she is trying to convince through many different points of view. Her artworks are large-scale pencil drawings. She has currently compiled all of her works in a coloring book so that people can join in onto the exquisite of her imagination while exercising in your colored pencil skills.

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3. Paul Cadden

Paul Cadden has been drawing since he was at the age of six. Today, he is one of the top 5 best pencil artists in the world for his works having its abstraction of reality. Since he wants to draw something beyond the photographs, he creates more detailed and intricate virtual drawings.

4. Monica Lee

Born in Malaysia, Monica Lee is a pencil artist who has been creating so many astonishing photo-realistic artworks using her pencils. Before starting a career as a pencil artist, she was a digital artist for about twelve years. She mostly spends three to four weeks to produce an incredibly detailed drawing.

5. Kelvin Okafor

Although there are still many exceptional pencil artists out there, Kelvin Okafor is worth being placed in the list of top 5 best pencil artists in the world because of his expertise in capturing a true expression of his subject for drawing. For him, each face of his subjects has an engaging untold story regardless of age, gender, race, and social background.

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