July 13, 2020

Top 5 Best Art Collector in the World: Who Are Them and What Are They Collecting?

Granted with a lot of wealth and fortune, some billionaires roll the dice by being art collectors.

In 2014, it was mentioned that the sales of art things had a drastic increase of 67% for 5 years.

Behind this, many emerging art collectors bought art collection in a tremendous amount.

Talking about it, here are the top 5 best art collectors in the world.

Top 5 Best Art Collector in the World: from Photographs to a Blue-Diamond

1. Joseph Lau

This Hong Kong 68-year-old man is ranked fourth as the Hong Kong’s Richest Billionaire in 2020. He made up his wealth through the real estate business which has been constantly successful. As an avid art collector, he has been a collector himself for over 30 years.

He got more recognition as he won an auction for Andy Warhol’s “Mao” painting, which costs US$17.4 million. Not only that, but he also owns pieces of Gauguin and Hockney. If all three are combined, that’ll be at least $1 billion. A 12-carat blue diamond has been on his possession as well. In 2015, he bought it for a record-breaking amount of $49 million.

2. Francois Pinault

Instead of being stuck in the mode industry, Pinault – who has a soft spot for art, chose to start collecting art pieces. In 2019, the man built a museum through the help of Tadao Ando as the architect.

Planned to be opened in June 2020, this museum will be home to 5,000 contemporary art pieces from Cindy Sherman, Damien Hearst, and Jeff Koons. One thing to underline: those pieces are all his.

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3. Alison and Peter Klein

Both collectors are from Germany and the fortune they reaped are mainly from the real estate business – pretty much resembling the first collector.

Their art collection consists of 1,400 works of contemporary art, including paintings, photographs, and aboriginal art. The collectors are not keeping the pieces themselves, as they put those collections in their self-established art museum.

4. Susan and Michael Hort

Involved in art collecting business for 30 years, these American collectors are also well-known as prominent collectors.

Both of them are ‘parents’ to more than 3,000 art pieces which include contemporary paintings, video installations, sculptures, and lastly, photographs. The pieces are collected from many artists such as Marlene Dumas, Cindy Sherman, John Currin, Lisa Yuskavage, and Richard Prince.

5. Al Nahyan family

For the last person for this top 5 best art collector in the world list, turn your map to UAE. Based on Abu Dhabi, the family amassed their fortune from natural resources. The family holds close to ten percent of the world’s oil reserves and 5% for natural gas.

As proof that they are into art, the family signed an agreement to form a multi-billion museum for their collection. All of which are collected without any intolerance – both antique and contemporary art pieces are welcome.

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Hopefully, this information will bring you an insight into how billionaires ‘spent’ their fortune.

As avid fans of art, it’s utterly normal and the wealth they have will never stop them to be the top 5 best art collectors in the world.

Even museums are built for that; it means these aforementioned collectors are really into art.

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