July 15, 2020

Top 5 Best Graphite Pencils for Drawing and Sketching

Pencils are one of the most important tools for creativity.

They need pencils, either for sketching or drawing.

While there are graphite and charcoal pencils available, graphite pencils are still high in demand as the result gives a shiny touch while the pencil itself is soft to use.

The information below will cover the information about the top 5 best graphite pencils for drawing and sketching.

Graphite Pencils: Grading and Top 5 Best Graphite Pencil for Drawing and Sketching

First of all, graphite pencils are not 100% made of graphite.

Most graphite in graphite pencils has been blended with clay to a certain amount.

The grading is determined on clay and graphite blend.

The grading ranges from 9H to 9B with HB and F as tin-between grading.

For blacker results and softer use, you can pick grade B pencils.

The higher the number, the more graphite it has.

Now that you know what grading is, it’s time to get to know the top 5 best graphite pencils for drawing and sketching.

1. Faber Castell 9000 Art Set Pencils

Faber Castell is widely known as the manufacturer of quality art products. The set comes with 12 pencils, ranging from 8B – 2H pencils. If you want to find one pencil set which pencils are not easily broken, this is worth the price. Moreover, Faber Castell pencils are sharpened easily – hence making the product becomes artists’ favorite.

2. Staedtler Mars Lumograph Pencil Set

Another top-tier of graphite pencil set comes from Staedtler. The Mars Lumograph pencils are widely known for their lack of breakage. With a slightly different range with the former product, this set allows you to have a wider option of grade H pencils (it comes from 6B to 4H). Versatility at its best, though the price is higher than the Faber Castell.

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3. Derwent Pencil Set

Similar to Staedtler’s, this set comes in grade 6B to 4H. The upside of this set lies in its thicker core which may suit some artists’ style. The set is also coming with various options, so you can get sets with 4, 12, or 20 pencils. The price is slightly lower than Staedtler’s.

4. Conte Pencils

Less-known compared to other pencils, but this pencil is highly recommended as it is made with high-quality materials. The markings made using this pencil is smooth and consistent, it allows you to erase it without smudging. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in a set, and its price is pretty high – US$ 3.5 per pencil.

5. Lyra Rembrandt Pencil Set

With rigid graphite and a good blend with the clay, the Lyra pencil set does not cost you too much per pencil set. It charges US$11 per set. The range is from 6B to 4H, so for many drawing objectives, the set is a good deal.

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Whatever your drawing objectives are, it is recommended to use one of the top 5 best graphite pencils for drawing and sketching.

Before purchasing, you should relearn which grade you mostly need. By knowing that, you can avoid any wrong purchase.

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