July 14, 2020

How to Sell My Drawings Online? Four Excellent Ways to Do So

Are you an aspiring artist who has spent a considerable time wondering about “How to sell my drawings online?”

Trying to begin selling your drawings online might be felt a little bit overwhelming at first, especially if you are not familiar with the basics of digital marketing.

However, if you have spent some considerable time learning about this particular area, it is not all that difficult.

Below are four ways you can use the online marketplace to get more people around the world to purchase, view, and admire your artworks.

4 Methods on How to Sell My Drawings Online

1. Doing commission work

Accepting commission work has been the most consistent method for most artists to sell their drawings.

This type of custom-designed work easily fits with various drawing creation categories such as living things illustrations, property (cars, houses, or valuable items for a client) portraits, or digital images.

Doing custom-designed drawings is always going to be worth the effort and time, even if you don’t want to exclusively become commission artist.

It offers an opportunity to create special, one-of-a-kind creation for your clients.

2. Encouraging word-of-mouth marketing

A verbal referral is the next best answer if you’re looking for “How to sell my drawings online?” As the best type of marketing comes from a satisfied client from your existing buyers or artwork admirers, it is especially useful as it comes with a genuine review from people who have purchased your art.

Recommendation from clients can be considered as a pre-screening process in a way or another. The potential buyers will get a positive look and idea of the quality of your work. It is also possible that they already have a plan of what to buy by the time they contact you. Then all that’s left is to work the details out and the rest of it.

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3. Showcasing your arts on social media

Art is a popular and mainstream part of internet culture, including on social media. The best of it is you can reach a new audience just as easy as putting suitable hashtags on your posts. You may post the finished drawings that you’ve made, the progress of your current drawing, sped-up videos that show how you begin and complete a project, and so on. The ideas are practically endless.

4. Building a portfolio website to promote your drawings

The reason why it is necessary to have a website is to provide you a place that lets the clients see your work. Moreover, they can learn about you and maybe a thing or two about your working techniques and methods. The properly crafted website shows your drawings professionally with accurate contrast and crisp color.

Another reason why the website is great is that any interested buyers can get multiple ways to contact you. It is possible if you include the contact page inside.

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In conclusion, establishing your presence as an artist on the internet is the right answer to the question of “how to sell my drawings online?”

Having online availability is of several ways to connect with your audience effectively.

Four methods above can be used to build both the presence and marketing strategy in this modern age.

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